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Institut thématique Immunologie, inflammation, infectiologie et microbiologie

Autumn School Program

First netwoark autumn school
Provisional program


vers des applications cliniques prochaines?

9:00 am     



9:30 am 

Welcome address: Christian Boitard (Permanent Secretary of the National Academy of Medicine, ex-Director of IT PMN)

9:35 am netwOArk at a glance: Francis Berenbaum and Jérôme Guicheux (NetwOArk coordinators)



Session 1 - Chair: Francis Berenbaum & Claire Vinatier

9:45 am Best Papers 2022-2023: basic research on intervertebral disc: Esther Potier (Paris, France)
10:00 am 

Rapid Fire presentation


Tissue engineering of cartilage by using cell sheets technology - Benoît Domin (Caen, France)

Metabolic syndrome is associated with more pain in hand osteoarthritis: results from the DIGICOD cohort - Alix Charton (Paris, France)

Efficacy and safety of intra-articular injection therapy of botulinum toxin for musculoskeletal pain : A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis - Camille Daste (Paris, France)

10:15 am 

Oral presentation


A comparative analysis of late-stage rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis reveals shared histopathological features - Marie-Astrid Boutet (Nantes, France and London, UK)

Patients are always right! Association between humidity level, atmospheric pressure and pain experience in hand osteoarthritis - Mathilde Pezot (Paris, France)

10:45 am Coffee break
  Session 2 - Chair: Christelle NGuyen & Yves-Marie Pers

11:15 am


Key note lecture: Pain in people with hand osteoarthritis - Ida Haugen (Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Oslo, Norway)

12:00 am 

Oral presentation


Expression analysis of the senescence-related biomarker GD3 in cartilage of Osteoarthritic (OA) patients and its immunological targeting in an induced OA murine model - Christina Fissoun (Montpellier, France)

Microencapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells in covalent hydrogel for joint therapy - Mathilde Ambrosino (Nantes, France)

12:30 pm
 Lunch break

Session 3 - Chair: Ester Pothier & Jérémie Sellam

1:45 pm Key note lecture: Defining the identity of the articular chondrocyte: a wild ride from thyroid hormone to lipids - Rik Lories (Skeletal Biology and Engineering Research Centre, Leuven, Belgium)
2:30 pm Oral presentation

The inhibition of LSD-1 in articular cartilage modifies the expression of anabolic and catabolic genes in a surgical mouse model of osteoarthritis - Shérine Moustaghfir (Lyon, France)

SDHA inhibition is involved in Lin28a osteoarthritic chondrocyte reprogramming - Zohra Bouchemla (Paris, France)

3:00 pm Coffee break

Session 4 - Chair: Jean-Daniel Malcor & Augustin Latourte

3:30 pm

 Rapid Fire presentation

Impact of mild hypothermia on osteoarthritic joint cells - Alison Vanlaeys (Caen, France)

Cartilage tissue engineering with decellularized plant as biomaterial - Karim Boumédiene (Caen, France)

Effects of a ketogenic diet on the progression of osteoarthritis in obese mice - articular, metabolic and epigenetic characterization - Asmaa EL Maarbani (Saint-Etienne, France)

Synovial landscape unravels immune-stromal networks linking inflammation to fibrosis in osteoarthritis - Damien Laouteouet (Montpellier, France)

3:50 am 

Oral presentation


Implication of bone marrow adipose tissue in bone homeostasis during osteoarthritis - Natalia Zapata-Linares (Paris, France)

Single-cell transcriptomic analyses of OA synovial macrophages reveal pathotype-specific profiles - Nicolas Gaigeard (Nantes, France)

4:20 pm Best Papers 2022-2023 clinical and translational research in osteoarthritis: Yves-Marie Pers (Montpellier, France)
4:35 pm 
Awards and closing ceremony : Francis Berenbaum and Jérôme Guicheux (NetwOArk coordinators)