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Medium and long term health of children conceived by Assisted Reproductive Technology

vers des applications cliniques prochaines?

8:30 am     



9:00 am Introduction - Gilles Bloch, Chairman and CEO of Inserm 

9:15 am


Objectives and scope of the day - Catherine Patrat (Paris, France)

  Chair: Pierre Jouannet (Paris, France), Catherine Patrat (Paris, France)
9:30 am Key note lecture: Knowledge gained about the health of children conceived by ART - Anja Pinborg (Copenhagen, Denmark)
10:10 am Key note lecture: The association of maternal, paternal, and treatment parameters on the health of IVF-conceived children - Barbara Luke (East Lansing, USA)
10:50 am Coffee break

11:05 am


Key note lecture: Periconceptional exposures that may influence development and health of children conceived by ART: a biological perspective - Tom Fleming (Southampton, UK)

  Session: Health of children and adults conceived by ART
  Chair: Roger Léandri (Toulouse, France), Yves Le Bouc (Paris, France)

11:45 am


Growth & Metabolism in children conceived by ART - Florence Belva (Brussels, Belgium)

12:15 pm 
Cardiovascular health in children conceived by assisted reproductive technologies - Pascal Amedro (Bordeaux, France)
12:45 pm
 Lunch break
2:00 pm Cognitive and behavioural development of children conceived through medically assisted reproduction. Evidence from the UK - Anna Barbuscia (Aubervilliers, France)
2:30 pm Childhood Cancer Risk after ART Conception, Evidence from Research - Alastair Sutcliffe (London, UK)

3:00 pm


Role of embryo culture conditions
DNA methylation changes after ART during Human lifespan
Patricia Fauque (Dijon, France)

4:00 pm Key note lecture: Ethical issues raised by the knowledge acquired and the questions related to the health of children conceived by ART - François Ansermet (Geneva, Switzerland)

4:40 pm


Round Table - Summary of the interventions, issues raised, perspectives
Chair: François Ansermet (Geneva, Switzerland), Christian Boitard (Paris, France)

Hervé Chneiweiss President, Inserm Ethics Committee (CEI)
Sylvie Epelboin Member of the Board, French Study Group on IVF (GEFF)
Philippe Jonveaux Director, Human Reproduction, Embryology and Genetics, French Agency of Biomedicine (ABM)
Rachel Lévy Vice-President, French Federation of
IVF Biologists (BLEFCO)
Jean-Louis Vildé Professor Emeritus

5:40 pm Conclusion - Jean-François Delfraissy, President of National Consultative Ethics  Committee