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Institut thématique Immunologie, inflammation, infectiologie et microbiologie


Within the framework of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan), the Multi-Organism Thematic Institutes (ITMO) Pathophysiology, Metabolism, Nutrition (PMN) and Health Technologies (TS) organized their 6th Scientific Day on Technological Innovation on April 1st, 2022.

The aim of this joint day was to inform the French scientific community about advances in the field of artificial intelligence and its use in biomedical research. It was intended at all research actors, scientists, clinicians, academics and private researchers.

Like arguably all the scientific domains, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) or more generally, data-intensive digital sciences, is starting to pervade most sub-fields of life and health sciences. In the specific case of experimental biology and bio-medicine, multiple examples of interdisciplinary research have demonstrated the potential efficiency of these approaches. However, it is fair to say that AI is not yet part of the routine toolkit used by the bench scientist. The goal of this symposium is to provide an audience of scientists in biology, bio-medicine and health sciences with illustrations of recent successful applications of AI and data-intensive digital sciences to their field. Application domains will encompass a range of fields from omics analysis, structural and cell biology, physiology, animal experiments, clinical trials or text analysis. 


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Organizing committee
Guillaume Assié, Hugues Berry, Christian Boitard, Nathalie Grivel, Alfredo Hernandez, Christophe Junot, Franck Lethimonnier, Alexandre Mebazaa, Roger Marthan, Pierre Marquet, Richard Redon, Corinne Sébastiani, Sarah Zohar